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My kids are not the type who stay outdoors all day.

Nope. Mine are more of the stay-inside-for-hours-reading-a-book-on-the-couch kind of kids.

Both certainly have their merits. But in an age of increased concern over childhood obesity and study after study linking exerci...

Turning the pages of a good novel or digging into to your favorite online news outlet every day helps stave off Alzheimer's, improve empathy, encourage goal-setting, and even help you lose weight! Read on to find out more!

When encouraging your kids to pick books, start with quality. There is nothing wrong with them picking up an "easy" book or re-reading a favorite story, but every once in a while, it's good to try something new.

That's my boy. The photo is from about five years ago. These days the top of his head reaches the base of my eyes, his shoe sizes surpasses my own, and he knows more about alternative energy than anyone I know. 

He's a perfectionist and a dreamer, and sometimes the two...

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