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Please note this post may contain affiliate links. Thanks. I think I first fell in love with him in my AP American Lit class. Described by Hollywood as a "sweaty-toothed madman" he possessed little to attract another other than his adept mastery of words. Words that somehow spoke into the depth of me. He's really part of the reason I love words so much. The way he twisted them, wove them into vibrant, intricate picture-songs. I'd never seen or heard anything like it. I love Walt Whitman. I love his "Song of Myself" from Leaves of Grass. I love the way his words inspired something inside me that lay dormant. That's the beauty of reading, really. It's connecting with some idea in such a way th

Civil Disobedience

As parents, we want to do our best to nurture that spirit within each of our children and point them in the direction we believe is right. T

PSSA and Poetry

I know, I know. I should be introducing myself, sharing all kinds of cutesy information about Story Trekker, and trying to pitch some kind of product right off the bat. This is the best I can do. It's a picture my 8-year-old took of me this fall. Just so we're clear, I don't usually look like this. Right now, I'm wearing black leggings, a pink sweatshirt, and my hair desperately needs a cut. But anyway... The reason I can't be bothered with formalities right now (that will be another post down the line), is that this week starts the PSSA here in Pennsylvania. I don't know what you call it in your neck of the woods, but I do know it's every where. The dreaded state-standardized test. I also k

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