Three Hours? Are You Kidding Me?

My kids are not the type who stay outdoors all day. Nope. Mine are more of the stay-inside-for-hours-reading-a-book-on-the-couch kind of kids. Both certainly have their merits. But in an age of increased concern over childhood obesity and study after study linking exercise and time spent out doors with such things as increased cognitive ability, stronger confidence, heightened empathetic awareness, and better decision-making skills, I feel keenly aware of how much of my kids' day is spent outside. In an article shared by Hoot of Loot from the Huffington Post, pediatric occupational therapist, Angela Hanscom, author of the book Balanced and Barefoot, recommends kids get - are you ready for th

For Grown-Ups Only

Turning the pages of a good novel or digging into to your favorite online news outlet every day helps stave off Alzheimer's, improve emp

What to read, what to read?

When encouraging your kids to pick books, start with quality. There is nothing wrong with them picking up an "easy" book or re-rea

Cooperative Learning: Helping your child navigate the bumps of school

That's my boy. The photo is from about five years ago. These days the top of his head reaches the base of my eyes, his shoe sizes surpasses my own, and he knows more about alternative energy than anyone I know. He's a perfectionist and a dreamer, and sometimes the two clash. He's bright...too bright for his own good at times. Recently, we've had incidents of complete freak-out sessions over assignments, something rare for him. We hear about them only at the quiet time of night, when we're finished saying prayers and the safety of darkness covers the expressions of shame and fear. "I don't think I'm going to finish my LEAP project in time." "When is it due?" "I don't know," now sobbing, "I do

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