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Quick & Dirty Book Review: Any Small Goodness

It occurs to me that I read a ridiculous amount of books but rarely take the time to share about them. I find it difficult to keep to just a summary; when I read a book I love I could go on and on and on get the point.

But I really want to share about those gems that I come across, so I'm going to try for a Quick & Dirty Book Review (Q&D for short).

Anyway, I've already chatted for too long, so let's get to it.

Quick & Dirty Book Review for Tony Johnston's Any Small Goodnes

Title: Any Small Goodness

Author: Tony Johnston

Pages: 128

Genre: Realistic fiction

Audience: Amazon lists the age range as 7-10 years of age, but I'm setting it at 11 + The language is rich and often complex and some of the themes mature.

Summary: Arturo Rodriguez, along with his family and friends, hold fast to the power of goodness despite the harsh realities of life in Los Angeles.

This book made me geek out because... The writing is gorgeous! Fast-paced and full of figurative language that makes me smile, yet still accessible. Chapters are short, so they don't feel overwhelming. The plot itself takes the reader up and down, experiencing the natural joys of life with friends and family as well as the tragedy of violence (a gang shooting). What I love most is the message that your rise above the circumstances of life. You always have a choice in how you react and what kind of mark you leave on the world.

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