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Read diverse. Change your mind.

Believe in the power
of reading.

Welcome to Story Trekker! We believe in the power of reading to nurture growth, foster empaty, and change the world. If you're a book lover, difference maker, or big thinker, you're in the right place.

Male Teacher with Students

Hey teachers and home-schooling parents! Get hooked up with no-prep novel studies, poetry units, ELA freedbies, and more. Check out Story Trekker's Teachers Pay Teachers store here. 

Image by J. Kelly Brito

All. Things. Books. Well, maybe not all things, but lots of stuff. Lots of stuff about books. For middle school. With a focus on diversity. So lots of stuff about diverse books for middle school...and all readers really...


It's more than just reading great books, it's about changing the world, one page at a time. Take a peek and share the love.

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