Hey Guys! Welcome to Story Trekker

I just want to share a little about me and my vision. I won't take long...promise.


As a former teacher, I've developed a passion for reading kids' lit. I find it incredibly meaningful and want to open up that world to teachers and students. As a parent, I empathize with those of you who struggle to get your kids to read. I want to encourage you and provide you with some tools to engage your kids in books that will make a difference in their lives.

Lofty goals, yes.

I started Story Trekker a couple years ago as a way to connect with people through literature. I create content for teachers to use in their classrooms (check out my online store at Teachers Pay Teachers) , but I also blog (or at least am going to make an effort to do it more consistently - let's be honest here) and cover lots of different topics related to reading, books, kids, parenting, and more.

I'm no genius, and I'm not perfect...and I'll never pretend to be. But I'll be there with you in the trenches and slog it out beside you as you help your kids (or students or whatever!) grow into life-long readers.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey!




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