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We believe that...

Girls in the Library
Girls in the Library

Developing a love of reading nurtures a lifetime of growth.


Reading is a life-long skill meant to be enjoyed. Reading independently with support builds confidence and enjoyment.

Readers learn and relate to books in a wide variety of ways.           

Creating content that engages the senses, the imagination, and critical thinking reaches

learners at all levels. Being able to personally connect to text and characters in

meaningful ways increases engagement, excitement, and enjoyment.

Diversity Students

Representation in literature fosters empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

Readers need to see themselves reflected in books (mirrors), to be able to see into worlds

beyond their own (windows), and to have a conduit through which to experience those

different worlds and ideas (doors).  * Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop

Thinking critically requires effort, creativity, and courage.

            Interacting with a text using comprehension skills (summarizing, inferring, predicting, questioning, visualizing, and connecting) refines critical thinking. This helps readers develop opinions, analyze ideas, solve problems, and draw accurate conclusions.

Students in Library
Ready for School

Reading is fun.

            Getting lost in a story, relating to a character, and being inspired by an author has the power to transform our everyday experience.

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